Aug 20

10/08/20- Future plans

The sale over the weekend went really well and we would like to thank everyone for your support.

It’s our practice as we continue to establish ourselves as a business to invest as much as possible back into the future projects so we can get out there and make as much as we can.

We have a lot of items working their way through the shop at the moment and we hope to have a bunch of new stock out by the end of the month.
In September we would like to take some time to develop some new templates for smaller items (daggers and such) so we can continue to develop our skills and get better.

The support we get from Patron and Ko-fi gifts (links below) really help us in this development and we are so grateful to all of our followers.

Keep checking back on the site or following us on Facebook for new stock, projects and news!

Team WinterRose


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