Still in lockdown and still making!

We are now most of the way through June and it feels like an age since we were last in a field.
Lockdown continues and here at WinterRose we are still getting on with making new stock and being busy with all of the commissions we have.

Sadly Empire E3 has just been cancelled but honestly this was expected, let’s keep our fingers crossed for E4 and all do our best to stay safe in the meantime!

We recently completed a run of axes and other hafted weapons that we really feel are another step up in our making skills. The got loads of positive feedback from our followers on Facebook and Instagram (go check us out on our pages for regular updates).
Our next run is going to be a batch of staves and rods that we are looking forward to making, they should be out early next month (July).

In the meantime keep checking back or follow us on social media for new updates and news of any projects we have going.

Team WinterRose

Oh, and we should really mention out Patreon again, it’s a great way to support us during this difficult time.

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